The Unstoppable Justin Klotz

Justin Klotz (photo credit

Justin Klotz (photo credit


Justin Klotz (photo credit

With the Bulldog’s regular season ending this Friday, October 21st, I interviewed one of the team’s most impactful players: wide receiver Justin Klotz. Justin broke a school record recently during the Hamilton West away game and now has the most touchdowns in a single game at six. 

The Bulldogs thus far undefeated season has secured the team a spot in the playoffs (time and location TBD). This is something Justin looks forward to saying, “It will be a great environment to play in, great energy, can’t wait!” 

When asked who has had the greatest influence in his success this season, Justin explained his biggest gratitude was for his father, Brad Klotz. He detailed the impact of his dad’s consistent pursuit for him to be the best he can be, explaining it was his father who got Justin to where he is today. 

Justin’s impact on the team is clear with 16 touchdowns on the season so far, something he partially attributes to his connection with quarterback Tim McKeown. Justin and Tim have been playing together since their Pop Warner days, which explains their game-winning chemistry. A big win for the team came during Justin’s record-breaking performance at Hamilton West, making it his favorite game of the season. 

Looking forward to this Friday, the final home game of the regular season, Justin explained he doesn’t fear Notre Dame, one of our school’s biggest rivals, and is simply excited to just get out there. That confidence is understandable considering the team’s record is 7-0 which he credits to the players’ and coach’s energy and discipline since the season began. 

With Justin’s focus on the upcoming game, I have no doubt the Bulldogs will complete their season, undefeated.